Beta Lactam Antibiotics Manufacturing

Beta Lactam Antibiotics Manufacturing

You will often hear people say that if you are alive, you will surely fall sick at some point in time. The air that surrounds you and the air that you breathe is not as clean and pure as it seems to you.

There are thousands of tiny dust particles, germs, bacteria, and viruses that are present.

These microorganisms can easily make you fall sick and make you run to a doctor, who will simply prescribe you the proper antibiotics based on the type of infection you have.

When it comes to antibiotics, there are different varieties of different types of infections.

In the case of viral infections, there is a set variety of antibiotics. On the other hand, in the case of bacterial infections, there is a different set of antibiotics. These antibiotics are composed of different salts that are effective in fighting against the microorganisms.


When you talk about beta-lactam antibiotics, it mainly refers to all those antibiotic agents which comprise of a beta-lactam ring in their respective molecular structure.

Some of these include cephalosporin, penicillin derivatives, carbacephems, carbapenems, and monobactams.

The majority of the beta-lactam antibiotics function by impeding the cell wall by the process of biosynthesis in any bacterial organism. It also happens to be the most popularly used category of antibiotics.

It is often seen that bacteria generate resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics by manufacturing beta-lactamase.

This is a type of enzyme used to attack the beta-lactam ring. To negate the effect of this enzyme, beta-lactam antibiotics are administered along with clavulanic acid, which is a beta-lactamase inhibitor.

Amoxicillin Clav

There is not just one drug to fight bacterial infection in your body. Amoxicillin is also a type of penicillin antibiotic that is rather effective in fighting any type of bacterial attack in your body.

It is administered with clavulanate potassium, which is a beta-lactamase inhibitor that is rather useful in preventing some forms of bacteria from getting resistant to the effects of amoxicillin.

Amoxicillin, along with clavulanate potassium is often used to fight against various types of bacterial infections such as pneumonia, sinusitis, infections in the urinary tract, ear infections, skin infections, and bronchitis.

However, you need to remember that any drug which is a combination of amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium should be avoided if you suffer from serious kidney diseases, liver issues or have jaundice.


Another form of beta-lactam drug useful against fighting bacterial infection is cefixime. Just like any other beta-lactam drugs, cefixime is also used to fight against bacterial invasion in your body.

Sometimes also referred to as cephalosporin antibiotic, it works by simply preventing the bacteria from growing any further inside your body.

You need to remember that cefixime is only useful in treating bacterial infections. If you have it to treat viral infections, it will fail miserably. Unnecessary consumption of antibiotics will simply prevent the medicines from being effective when needed the most.

If you are prescribed cefixime by your doctor, you need to inform him whether you are allergic to the drug or any other cephalosporin drugs or penicillin.

Even if you have any medical history pertaining to colitis or some specific intestinal disease and kidney disease, better inform your physician about this to your physician.

It is also important for you to know that cefixime may sometimes cause certain live bacterial vaccines to not function, such as the typhoid vaccine.


Amongst the various types of beta-lactam drugs, the first to be discovered was penicillin. This group of highly effective antibacterial drugs fights against a wide array of bacteria.

Ever since penicillin was discovered, it brought about a new sun in the world of medicine and helped millions survive various forms of bacterial attacks.

The way penicillin works against bacterial infections are rather unique. It impedes the cell walls of bacteria by directly acting on peptidoglycans. This, in turn, is a rather essential structural part of any bacterial cell.

Peptidoglycans tend to create a type of mesh-like structure all around the plasma membrane of a bacterial cell.

This helps to make the cell walls stronger and stop external particles and fluid from gaining access to the cell. Penicillin acts by blocking the specific protein struts that are responsible for linking together the peptidoglycans.

As a result of this, the bacteria fail to close any holes in their cell walls that may have been generated during the process of cell division.


This is a cephalosporin antibiotic that also fights against bacterial infection. Being a part of the beta-lactam family of drugs, cefpodoxime is used to treat various bacterial infections such as upper respiratory infections, skin infections, ear infections, and infections in the urinary tract.

It may so happen that you may be allergic to cefpodoxime or any other similar antibiotic. In that case, it will be a good idea to let your doctor know about this before he prescribes you something similar.

Alencure and Beta Lactam Antibiotics Manufacturing

When it comes to producing beta-lactam drugs, Alencure Biotech is one of the frontrunners. With its manufacturing unit located in different parts of India, Alencure has a wide array of medicines that contain the above-mentioned drugs and many more that are powerful and rather effective in fighting against bacterial infections in your body.

Apart from beta-lactam medicines that are designed for consumption, Alencure Biotech also has injectable medicines that contain similar drugs suitable for fighting bacterial infections. There are a total of 4 different manufacturing units of Alencure Biotech that have a combined capacity of 400 metric tons and above.

The quality of their products at all 4 centers are regularly checked and audited by a team of highly experienced and dedicated auditors. Even the research and development department of the company has a team of some of the best brains in the field.

Apart from specializing in beta-lactam drugs, Alencure Biotech also has a wide range of different types of medicines for its customers from different parts of the globe. Suitably made for people of all ages, the medicines made by the company are also affordable.

If you wish to buy beta lactam drugs then Alencure Biotech is the company to approach. The quality of their drugs is way better than most of the other manufacturers all because of their modernized manufacturing units spread across India.

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