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Dusting Powder Manufacturer in India– The Indian market has experienced a boom in the manufacturing of dusting powders. Its extensive growth has led business owners to invest in the manufacturing of dusting powders. The emergence of fungal infection is the reason behind its demand. As a result, many industry owners look for third-party manufacturing of this profitable product segment. A biotechnology company in India, Alencure Biotech is a proliferating manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in India. At affordable rates, you can receive a wide range of Dusting Powders manufactured in hygienic conditions. We accept the contractual orders PAN India.

Indian market’s statistics show a profit of Rs 700 crore in past years. The coming years for the Dusting Powder Manufacturers in India will be filled with profits as there is reportedly a remarkable growth of 50% in the demand for Dusting powders. We understand the requirements of the Indian Market and the rising cases of fungal infection therefore the team of Alencure Biotech is bringing up a new formulation that helps in treatment of the skin infections.

Dusting Powder Manufacturers in India | Third Party Dusting Powder Manufacturers in India

Skin infections are not seasonal, they can happen at any moment but the application of the best products can treat and reduce the effects of these infections. As the leading Dusting Powder Manufacturer in India, we thrive in quality and the premium range. We primarily offer a range of on-time deliveries as our distribution method is spread across the nation.

To register with Alencure Biotech and receive the benefits of third-party manufacturing services you may contact us at +91 7876892834 or email us at orders@alencurebiotech.com.

Details of Dusting Powder Manufactured

Allencure Biotech is the best Dusting Powders Manufacturer in India. With reliability and never compromising on quality service, we have managed to prove ourselves as the lead third-party manufacturer and supplier of dusting powder in India. Here is a verified product detail.

Minimum Order Quantity 200 Piece

Our delivery standards are expanded throughout the country. We provide manufactured products within 7-10 days from the date of order placed. Safe, non-toxic material packaging and zero side effects products is our niche.

Best Dusting Powder Manufacturer in India

Experience the top-notch professional services with Alencure Biotech. With our years of experienced staff and a dedicated workforce, we provide third-party manufacturing services for dusting powder and other pharmaceutical drugs. Our contractual manufacturing service covers the product segments of capsules, infection, neutraceutical products, ayurvedic range, tablets, eye/ear drops, syrups, and many more.

Since our first step into the pharmaceutical world, we have managed to deliver professional services to over 2000+ customers worldwide. The ALencure group is a team of more than 500 officials who are significant in their approach to delivery. As we are offering the contractual manufacturing services of pharmaceutical drugs to over 10 countries worldwide, our market value is USD 25 million.

The manufacturing services of our firm are impressively in demand because of the premium policies we follow. The credit for the famous product list goes to the state-of-the-art manufacturing teams we have in the business.

  • Our everyday production of the products is nearly 2500+.
  • Our unit is WHO, GMP, ISO, and R&D certified.
  • The dusting powder of our company goes under the six levels of hygiene testing standards.
  • We use the latest quality and trendy machinery.
  • The use of supreme quality raw materials is strictly followed.
  • Our distribution networks are extensive therefore the range is distributed across the nations easily.

Quality Control Range of Dusting Powders by ALencure Biotech

As the best Dusting Powder Manufacturer in India let us introduce you to the product compositions we have for the service. Beating the product demand, the dusting powder in the market receives high appreciation and growth. Its supply and demand have impressively increased in the past three years. The quality measures, strict policy, and budget-friendly dusting powder composition are mentioned below.

CANDIBOLT Itraconazole 1% w/w Dusng Powder 75 GM D.Powder
FLUBOND Fluconazol 1% w/w 75 GM D.Powder
GLOSDERM Clotrimazole 1% w/w 100 GM D.Powder
KETADINE Ketoconazole 2% w/w 50 GM D.Powder
LULIGEST Luliconazole 1% w/w 30 GM D.Powder
NEOSTIL Neomycin 0.50% + Bacitracin Zinc 250 Units 10 GM D.Powder
SETAGLIT Itraconazole 2% w/w 30 GM D.Powder
TRBIFILL Terbinafine 1% w/w Dusng Powder 30 GM D.Powder

Every product mentioned above goes through the QA/QC and ScheduleM quality control. This is the reason that our products are recommended by the top doctors on the counter. We have repeatedly held the best customer base due to our outrageous services.

Documentation Requirements for Dusting Powder Manufacturing

Alencure Biotech is a Dusting powder manufacturer in India that assures delivery on time. But for our services, you must fulfill certain aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. Following is the list of documents we need to collaborate with you.

  • A valid Drug license is required.
  • The Indian Nationality details include the Aadhar Care and the PAN Card details.
  • Non-resemblance Certificate
  • Logo and Brand Values (if)
  • Copy of Resolution for Authorized Signatory to Deal
  • Tonality and Designs(If)
  • Sales Tax/TIN or GST Registration Certificates/ Number

Perks of Getting Product Manufactured by Alencure Biotech

We are the number one Dusting Powder Manufacturer in India for a reason. Our manufacturing plant has successfully delivered the services in 10+ nations because of the advantages we provide. Customer services to the associates have been our niche of interest. The perks of getting listed for third-party manufacturing services with Alencure Biotech are below.

  • The range of secures with the certification which makes it reliable for use.
  • Packaging is offered with the facility of customization.
  • The stocks are available if as per the damages.
  • Our products usually ship in 24 hrs, the rest depends on the choice and demand of the product.
  • Contractual manufacturing is done at affordable rates.

Contact Alencure Biotech

For more details about why we are the best Dusting Powder Manufacturer in India, contact us at the details below.

Head Office – 216, Hi-Tech Centre, Kurla West, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400070, India

Manufacturing Unit– Nagal Suketi Road, Kala Amb, District Sirmour 173030, Himachal Pradesh

Corporate Office–  50-51, 4th floor, B – Block, Chandigarh City Center, VIP Road, Zirakpur-140603

Sales Inquiry

Name:- Mr. Jashan Sandhu

Contact Number:- +91 7876892834

E-Mail:- orders@alencurebiotech.com

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