Manufacturing Facility

Our endeavor to excel in the medicines that we make have helped us come up with exceptional and top-of-the-line manufacturing centers at four different locations within India. These centers have a combined manufacturing capacity of more than 400 metric tons and all the four centers are regularly audited by our dedicated team of experienced auditors.

The different manufacturing unit is designed in accordance with the regulatory needs of 35 different health authorities that includes the likes of WHO, GMP, GLP certified.

Starting from molecule development and going all the way to API manufacturing, we strictly manage the business process throughout our supply chain. Our manufacturing centers are capable enough to deal with various unit processes that include friedle craft reactions, halogenation, hydrogenation, mannich reaction, condensation, Suzuki coupling, substitutions, and nucleophilic solutions.

Our manufacturing units, which also include several secure recovery plants, are capable enough to deal with multiple products at a time. Our hand-picked team of engineers and our wide network of chemists work hard towards improving the overall quality of our products.

Our entire manufacturing team is always on the alert whenever there is a need to conduct our various API operations in a safe, secure, and systematic manner.

Research & Development

If you wish to stay at par with the global leaders, you need to have the proper infrastructure. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with our own pioneering Research & Development base that helps us keep pace with the stringent and sudden demands of ever evolving regulations.

Some of our chemistry capabilities include different synthetic organic chemistry such as chiral chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, polymers, peptides, steroids, and carbohydrate chemistry.

We have our own special team of highly experienced and dedicated scientists who understand the different regulatory requirements of the different corners of the globe. They can also easily navigate with utmost care through the maze of challenges with regards to various products.

We make sure that the best of human resources, infrastructure and technology are combined in such a way that it gives rise to some of the best quality products and also enable us to come up with patentable innovations consistently.