Alencure at a Glance

Alencure happens to be one of the proliferating and leading value-based and biotechnology companies in India. Our manufacturing units work round-the-clock to come up with medicines that help to combat various diseases that plague different parts of the world. We believe in science in order to lead us to our goal of helping the world live longer. At Alencure our mission and vision is to improve every individual health and spread happiness.

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Quality & Safety

Starting from manufacturing to conducting proper Research and Development in our state-of-the-art facilities that are compliant with the standards set by WHO, safety and quality control are the top priorities in our list.

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We have made it a habit to come up with newer and better medicines for our customers at regular intervals so that doctors can quickly administer proper treatment in the most effective way.

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At Alencure, we believe that innovation of the highest level is the lifeline that has helped us improve the lives of millions across the planet and bring about a smile on their faces.

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Customer Orientation

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Team Spirit

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