Who Are We

We are a globally recognized multispecialty healthcare company producing a wide range of healthcare and pharma products. With the worldwide team of more than 500 people handpicked from 10 different nationalities, Alencure Group has managed to stay above some of the toughest of challenges that tried to become a hurdle in its path to glory. Ever since the inception of the company in the year 2015, Alencure Group have made it a habit of growing three times in a year and achieving success in both organic and inorganic products. This is all possible due to its strategic investments and global partnerships in some of the core businesses of the world. In the recent times, the company stands valued at a whopping USD 25 million.

Our highly affordable and high-quality medicines are designed to fight with persistent and pervasive health problems of the people of the world. This has helped us gain the trust of billions of people from different corners of the globe. Our stringent quality assurance team makes sure that all of our medicines meet the international guidelines and are of highest quality standards.

Alencure products have been proven rather effective in getting rid of various diseases that have been making life difficult for humans all these days. Our strength is our product portfolio that gives us a leading edge over our competitors in the worldwide market. It also motivates us to come up with high quality and affordable medicines for the people of the planet irrespective of their socio-economic and geographic barriers.

Company Overview

We at Alencure Biotech happen to be one of the leading developers and marketers of highly advanced and latest pharmaceutical formulations. We are recognized worldwide due to our ability of manufacturing, exporting, and also supplying a wide range of pharmaceutical products in bulk.

We are proud to hold the exclusive manufacturing unit of Beta-Lactam and Clave dedicated products that are the best in India. Our range of products include soft gelatin capsules, injectable tablets, oral liquid in both suspension and syrup forms, capsules, external liquids, oral dry syrup, Betalactum products, ointments and creams, shampoos, soaps, nutraceuticals, oral sachets and powder, eye drops, and external powder.

Alencure Biotech is one of those rapidly and steadily growing pharmaceutical companies that deals with discovering the latest formulations, developing advanced medicines, marketing these pharmaceutical products and also exporting them to various parts of the globe.

Our motto involves developing and distributing best in class drugs at affordable rates to the people of India, which will also be available for the people of the entire planet. With the help of our vast network of distributors and agents, we ensure that out drugs reach out to every corner of the country.

We aim at being able to spread our wings so that we can also reach out to all those parts of India that are yet to be explored. We are always on the lookout for newer distributors, sole distributors and franchise.


Our Mission

Alencure Group is a pharmaceutical company with a vision to simplify the business model of the pharma industry and also come up with a greater number of innovative medicines. We aim to enlarge our business operations both within India and the entire world to reach out to the people of faraway places with ease and to make our medicines readily available.


Our Vision

We aim to become one of the leading worldwide suppliers of high-quality pharmaceutical and herbal products and coming up with long-term global markets to help our medicines reach out to various countries. We also wish to introduce a greater number of scientifically proven extracts and formulations in the future for the betterment of the people.

Why Choose Us

We believe in being transparent with our customers and follow ethical practices when it comes to manufacturing our products. Factors that have helped us taste success regularly for the past several years are:

  • Futuristic infrastructure at par with the standards set by WHO.
  • The handpicked team of highly experienced professionals.
  • Extremely innovative and avant-garde R&D department.
  • Controlled environment for manufacturing various drugs.

Alencure Group

Alencure Group happens to be a nice amalgamation of different interests towards the single goal of producing world class Healthcare and Pharma products. Our global team comprises of more than 500 hand-picked experienced professionals from a wide array regions.

Ever since the year 2015, we, at Alencure, have faced some of the toughest challenges when it came to staying at par with some of the biggest names in our industry. Due to our staunch partnerships with some of the global leaders and our strategic investments in core businesses, we have managed to taste both organic and inorganic growth repeatedly. Thanks to our dedication and focus, today we stand at a value of more than USD 10 million.

We have full faith in India’s economic prospective growth and wish to take every calculated step towards transforming the socio-economic environment in order to improve the future. We also have a charitable side to our business that comes up with regular and inventive programs to focus on factors such as water, education, and healthcare.

Alencure Pharma Solutions

Alencure Group has a Development and Manufacturing side, which is known as the Alencure Biotech. It has spread its wings in terms of operations in some of the major continents of the world such as Asia, Europe, and Africa. We are proud to be categorized as one of the global leaders in various consolidated solutions. Alencure Pharma Solutions has a one-of-a-kind platform that adheres to various services needed in the lifecycle of producing a drug. This includes steps from the discovery of a new drug to the manufacturing of the drug for global usage.

Our R&D department and manufacturing units have more than 100 highly experienced and screened scientists, all of whom share the same focus of working as a “Customer Centric” company. We have been able to achieve this feat successfully year after year by simply keeping the needs of our customers in front of our eyes.

We are one of the few result driven companies in the country with a wide range of products covering most of the major therapy zones such as Nutritional Supplements, Anti-Infective, Pain Management, Dermatology, Gastrointestinal, Cardiovascular and Diabetes, CNS or Central Nervous System, and Urology.