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A Global Leader in Healthcare

Alencure Group is a highly respected, international healthcare company offering a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical products. Our diverse team of over 500 people, from 10 different nationalities, has helped us overcome challenges and achieve consistent growth since our founding in 2015. We’ve tripled our size annually by focusing on both innovative products and strategic partnerships. Alencure Group boasts a valuation of USD 25 million today.

We prioritize affordability and quality in our medicines, designed to combat common health issues across the globe. This focus has earned us the trust of billions of people worldwide. Our rigorous quality control ensures all products meet the highest international standards.

Our Services

Pharma Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing involves outsourcing Pharmaceutical production to specialized manufactures, ensuring efficient and cost-effective processes for companies.

3rd Party Manufacturing

Alencure Biotech offers high-quality, cost-effective 3rd Party Manufacturing for pharmaceutical products, prioritizing innovation and industry compliance.

Pharmaceutical Exporter

Excellence in exporting top-notch pharmaceutical products worldwide. Count on us for reliable, efficient services tailored to meet your diverse needs with utmost professionalism.

Our Products

Alencure Biotech, a notable pharmaceutical manufacturers in India, offers an extensive range of over 500 products. Alencure biotech is a leading Manufacturer of Ampicillin and Cephalosporin. We provide a range of pharmaceutical products, such as tablets, Dry Syrup and Injectable too. Alencure biotech Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to offering people worldwide high-quality, affordable healthcare goods. Our manufacturing unit is WHO & GMP Certified. We follow all the necessary standards set by the Indian government for manufacturing quality medicines.

Our Mission


At Alencure Group , we’re revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry by simplifying business models and prioritizing ground breaking medicine creation. We’re committed to global expansion, making our medicines readily avaiable worldwide.

Our Vision


Our Goal is to become a leading force in supplying high-quality pharmaceutical and herbal products around the world. We’re committed to expanding our global reach and introducing innovative , science-backed solutions to improve people’s well-being.

Our Capabilities


We endorse science-based innovation and our manufacturing is fed by a distinctive research and clinical approach that focuses on scientific advances.


State-of-the-art formulation manufacturing unit compliant with international regulatory standards with ispe design standards and efficient storage areas.


Innovation in healthcare is an inevitable essential. Rapidly deteriorating healthcare of the population gives rise to the necessity of having access to better healthcare.

Quality Control

We are emphasised on upholding the morals of research & development, in order to facilitate a smooth functioning and maintenance of superior quality standards.

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