Alencure Biotech Pvt Ltd:

A Leading Manufacturer of Tablets and Dry Syrup with Global Presence

Alencure Biotech Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of tablets and dry syrup with a global presence. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is designed to comply with regulated markets pricing and our global presence and worldwide network, financial strength, and strong research focus make us an attractive partner for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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Approvals for Export

We are proud to have the approval of WHO-GMP, which is a testament to the quality and consistency of our products. At Alencure Biotech Pvt Ltd, we provide world-class expertise in the manufacturing of tablets and dry syrup with consistency in quality, delivery, and competitive pricing.

Commitment to Quality

Our manufacturing facilities have been designed and operate in strict compliance with globally followed manufacturing practices, and we are highly committed to the highest standards in environmental protection and safety. By keeping the healthcare sector ethics in mind, we shall provide the best quality b-Lactam products and Cepha products at an affordable price to our customers.

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Mission Vision

Our Vision

Our vision was to build a production plant that combines functionality and aesthetics with efficiency and safety to a harmonical ensemble. Maximum transparency and openness for customers and authorities, a bright, friendly, and agreeable workplace for our employees, and uncompromising pharmaceutical quality for the consumers were our mission statements for this plant.

Focusing on People

At Alencure Biotech Pvt Ltd, we are committed to our motto “Focusing on People.” Here, people work for people, and our employees create values for customers and consumers. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services while maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our employees.

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