Top 10 Third-Party Manufacturing Companies in India

Top 10 Third-Party Manufacturing Companies in India- India, a country of Asian continent is the global distributor of healthcare products. The generic medicine supplied by the county contributes 20% to the GDP. Regularly over 60,000 generic products in a format of 500 fully unique APIs and 60 therapeutic categories are manufactured by the top pharmaceutical companies. As the market is huge, more and more people want to be part of the process but for everyone, the choice of involvement in the manufacturing industry is not possible. It costs too much as the product unit set is not affordable. Therefore Contractual Manufacturing is recognized.

India is home to thousands of pharmaceutical industries under which maximums deal in third-party manufacturing. Now choosing one among many is a task indeed. If you are interested in contractual manufacturing services and are unable to find the best ones, this list of the Top 10 Third-Party Manufacturing Companies in India is for your welfare. 

Top 10 Third-party Manufacturer in India

The acknowledges companies in the list of Top 10 Third-Party Manufacturing Companies in India deal in the serves of highest quality medicine manufacturing. Every form is ISO, GMP, and WHO certified. Go through the blog to attain in-depth knowledge. 

List of the Top 10 third-party Manufacturing Companies in India

The manufacturing of products in hygienic conditions is extremely necessary for the best customer base. If a proper process is not followed the impression of the market is lacking, These 10 best third-party manufacturing Companies in India provide tremendous quality products and deals in a vast section. 

  1. Alencure Biotech
  2. United Laboratories
  3. Wilson Drugs
  4. Iskon Remedies
  5. Saphnix Life Sciences
  6. Novartis India Limited
  7. Knox Life Sciences
  8. Swisschem Healthcare
  9. Piramal Pharma
  10. GMT Pharma International

Alencure Biotech

Alencure Biotech is a globally recognized third-party manufacturing company. With its manufacturing network spread across Europe, Asia, and Africa, it is serving the best quality medicines. The company is among the Top 10 third-party manufacturing Companies in India that have lately been associated with the unmarked standard of product manufacturing. It took its first step in the pharmaceutical industry in the year 2015 and since then it has achieved a whopping profit of 25 million USD. It has been possible only because of our healthcare experts who made a team of more than 500 people from over 10+ nationalities. 

The company is among the Top 10 third-party manufacturing Companies in India because of its multi-layered hygiene manufacturing plant and the serving of the highest quality assured medicines. The stringent team that looks after the service of third-party manufacturing ensures that the product meets the standards set by ISO, WHO, and GMP. 

Advantage of Third-Party Service by Alencure Biotech

  • The company offers the manufacturing service of talkers, capsules, injections, sachets, powders, ointments, etc.
  • The company focuses the quality-driven packaging services.
  • The product quality offered is 100% safe and effective. 
  • Customer care executives understand the needs and demands of the client well.

United Laboratories

United Laboratories is another best third-party manufacturing firm that has achieved a spot in the list of the Top 10 third-party manufacturing Companies in India. It uses the best quality raw material in the manufacturing process of tablets, injections, capsules, sachets, etc delivered under its label. You can trust the company for its quality-driven products. It deals in the manufacturing of medicines that offer 100% safety from the spread of diseases. 

Highlights of United Laboratories

  • 100 safe product
  • Trusted brands
  • Follows state-of-the-art manufacturing 
  • Over 250+ products 

Wilson Drugs

Wilson Drugs holds a name among the third-party manufacturing services in India in the department of Ayurvedic products. It has an impressive range of herbal medicines. The company is driven by quality and makes sure that it uses the finest quality raw materials in the manufacturing of the products. 

The reasons why Wilson Drugs holds a spot among the Top 10 third-party manufacturing Companies in India are,

It has been dealing in contractual manufacturing services since the year 1972.

This is a GMP and R&D-certified company.

Its research and development department looks after the product manufacturing services. 

Iskon Remedies

Iskon Remedies is a name of purity when it comes to finding the Top 10 third-party manufacturing Companies in India. It deals in the contractual manufacturing services of the following products.

  1. Non-Betalactum
  2. Cephalosporins
  3. Penicillin Injections
  4. Eye/Ear/Nasal Drops and Sprays
  5. Liquid Injectables
  6. Carbapenems
  7. Beta-lactam

It has been in the business since 2016 and since then it has up-marked the global standard with real-time product delivery. 

Saphnix Life Sciences

Saphnix Life Science is a third-party medicine manufacturer and supplier. It promotes cost-effective medicine manufacturing services. 

Being the top 10 third-party medicine manufacturing company in India, Saphnix Life Sciences deals in the provision of,

Injectables, Ayurvedic Preparations, Suspensions, Nutraceuticals, Gynecare, Antibiotics, Syrups, Analgesics.

This is a client-centric firm that ensures that the product range it delivers must offer desirable results as the patient requires. 

Novartis India Limited

Novartis India Limited is a name in the Top 10 third-party manufacturing Companies in India. You can choose to invest in the company as it is known to be the top contractual manufacturing firm with the offering of affordable services. It gracefully succeeded in the position due its its usage of tech-friendly machinery and the ultimate use of compositions. It deals with the 

range of tablets, syrups, capsules, injections, etc. 

Knox Life Sciences

The best 10 third-party manufacturing Companies in India list also consists of the company known as the Knox Life Sciences. It follows a state-of-the-art manufacturing concept whereby it produces products made with premium quality raw materials. 

It company leads with the offering of,

  • Best-in-class service
  • Professionalism
  • Profitable deals
  • On-time delivery of products

Swisschem Healthcare

Swisschem Healthcare is another contractual manufacturing company among the 10 third-party manufacturing Companies in India. It has a wide network of distribution wherein it delivers its products on time. The company has ISO, GMP, and WHO certifications which means that its products are entirely safe for use. 

Piramal Pharma

Piramal Pharma is the Top 10 third-party manufacturing Companies in India that provides service at affordable rates. The company provides innovative product lists and follows the standards of the market. It has the best packaging services and has 38 years of experience in the field. It focuses on the making of synthetic peptide APIs.


24/7 customer caste service

Best product deliver

38 years of experience in contractual manufacturing

GMT Pharma International

Last but not the leading among the leading 10 third-party manufacturing Companies in India is GMT Pharma International. It has helped many entrepreneurs set up their businesses with its service of the contractual manufacturing process. It has over 500+ products for the service and each product is made using innovative technology by experts. 


Clearing the confusion, we have offered a list of the top 10 third-party manufacturing Companies in India. Involving any contractual manufacturing company is tough if it does value your approach. You can choose any of the above-mentioned ones to achieve the best products. The list company also focuses on the packaging of products, therefore, you can attain a progressive customer base. 

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